All Restrictions For Gyms and Fitness facilities Lifted August 7, 2021

We are so excited to announce that as of Saturday, August 7 at 12:01am all restrictions for gyms have been lifted!!!!This means that as of Saturday:

– Masks will be optional. If you feel more comfortable continuing to wear a mask then we invite you to do so

– You are no longer required to stay 9 feet away from other members but we ask that keep a respectable distance from other members

– Capacity limit is lifted

– Marked off stations will be removed and superset restrictions will be lifted (please still remain respectful of other members working out and needing equipment)

-We will be working on reintroducing group fitness classes indoors- Give us a little bit of time but we will also be brining the kids room back very soon. This way parents without childcare can bring children with them to play in the kids room while they workout ( you are still responsible for watching your own child)

-Showers will be back available to use for members

Please bear with us until Saturday and continue to follow all current protocols until then. We can’t wait to start getting back to the way we are used to having our gym.

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