New Manitoba Restrictions

  • We have received confirmation from the local Covid Inspector as well as the Manitoba Fitness Council that we are allowed to remove our masks while exercising. We ask that you please keep your mask on while moving around the facility. Once you are at your destination and exercising you may remove it. This is good news in regards to masks and we hope it will help you to have a positive exercise experience.
  • We ask that you confirm your vaccination status with us before Friday, September 3 to avoid any disruption to your 24 hour access. To get us your Vaccination QR code you may take a screenshot of it and email it to Candice at or come in during our open hours to show us so we can make note on your membership account.

We continue to do everything that we can to follow the mandates put in place. It’s important to us to offer an honest establishment in our community. Some of these restrictions are very difficult to accept and enforce so we appreciate your patience and patronage through this difficult situation.

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