Corn & Apple Weekend

We Hope Everyone Has a Fun & Safe Weekend Enjoying the Corn & Apple Festival. we have a few things to note for the weekend so if you’re planning to come down for a workout make sure to read below.
Weekend Hours:

  • Fri. Aug 25 – Open (10am – 6pm)
  • Sat. Aug 26 – CLOSED
  • Sun. Aug 27- CLOSED
    Saturday Morning: 8:30am – 10am
    Our Parking Lot will be used for Parade Float set up.
    This may cause issues getting vehicles in and out of the parking lot.
    We ask that you refrain from using the parking lot between these hours to avoid issues.
    24 hour Access Holders have
    throughout all Closed Days.
    For Your Personal Safety & The Security of Fittwell
    DO NOT LET ANYONE IN WITH YOU AFTER HOURS. You will risk losing 24 hour privileges.
    Thank You