All Group Fitness Classes are FREE with active membership!

Our Instructors show up if you sign up. If no one is signed up for the class ahead of time our instructors will not host the class.

NOTE: Step Class registration is Closed. The class is Full for all 4 weeks

If you would like to reserve a spot ahead of time, please message us on facebook, call us 204-822-3573 or email Candice – Candice.fittwell@gmail.comWe look forward to being able to get fit together once again.

We are excited to see mandatory restrictions coming to an end.

As of Tuesday, February 15th we will no longer have a capacity limit.

The province intends to remove proof of vaccination requirements on March 1, while mask requirements and other restrictions will end March 15.

We are happy to be able to invite unvaccinated members back as soon as the mandates are dropped. For everyone who was no longer able to attend the gym in September when these mandates were put in place, we placed those memberships on hold so that you may return without missed time.

Things can always change but regardless we are excited and hopeful to have those back who were un able to attend.

Get one of our Great membership deals on 3, 6, 0r 12 months. Each purchase cones with your choice of one of our incredible gifts: Tank tops, toques, resistance band set or shaker cup.

We also have a special Christmas Eve Spin Class On Friday, December 24th at 10am – 11am. This class is FREE for everyone. We have limited spots so make sure to call us to reserve your spot.

This December all group fitness classes are FREE with membership!
Drop-ins and class pass options are still available as well

Mobility Mondays –Improve range of motion, posture, exercise technique and quality of life with mobility training. Not to be confused with flexibility training, strengthening muscles in full range of motion can prevent injury and optimize a healthy active lifestyle and combat premature loss of range of motion. You may not sweat, but you will certainly leave feeling energized!

Mindful on Monday (must pay for pass or drop in during open hours) – Yoga to calm the mind and challenge the body, and vice versa! Accessible for all. Please bring your own mat and carve out time for a little self-care to begin the week.
Bootcamp – Total body conditioning workout that increases functional fitness gains & promotes nicely shaped and defined muscles. You’ll experience maximum muscular endurance gains along with strength gains as you challenge each of the major muscle groups through a wide variety of exercises.

SPIN– One of the BEST cardiovascular training options anywhere. Lead by Certified Trainers, you will enjoy the professional guidance, the motivation and the inspiration to go further and faster to achieve maximum results from your workout.

Wild Card Wednesday: Never the same class twice! If you want to shake up a routine, join us on Wednesdays for something different! It may be HIIT, Tabata, EMOMs, Circuit, PiYo, Strength, AMARAPs, Kickboxing, Pilates, Step, Swiss Ball…the list is endless. If you like surprises, this class is for you!

Power Hour – ( Must pay for pass or drop-in during open hours) Full body workouts that include a combination of isolation (one muscle) + compound (multiple muscle groups) movements with core + cardio sprinkled throughout.

Coming up this November we have a 6-week challenge!

You have option of doing 1, 2 or all 3 challenges. This is a great opportunity to get motivated and out of any fitness slump you may be experiencing.

Be your own competition and get a chance to win one of our amazing prize packages with gifts from: Shear Bliss Salon and Day Spa, Floral Scents and Pure Anada Natural Cosmetics. We also have prize packs with Fittwell gear and membership. There’s a little something anyone would enjoy.

Challenge Officially Starts November 8 but we accept early registration and start time.

We will have 3 options including:

Fitness Challenge:

This Challenge is for participants wishing to work on improving their strength, endurance or overall fitness level.

The challenge is tracked using our Fittwell Fitness Test:

– Push-ups – Max performed in 2 minutes or less (measures overall strength with focus on upper body)

– Burpee’s – Max performed in 3 minutes or less (measures anaerobic capacity and functional strength)

– Dead Hang (measures grip strength)

– Jacobs Ladder (measures aerobic capacity)

– Bicep Curls (measures arm strength and endurance)

– Participants Choice (you choose any exercise you’d like to test and improve)

At the end of the challenge, we use a percentage of change calculation to determine strength and endurance improvements

Community Challenge:

This Challenge is for participants wishing to be accountable for working out consistently and being a part of our Fittwell Community.

Your workouts are tracked with a sign in sheet at the front desk and you can earn extra points for tagging us on social media. The more you workout at Fittwell and tag us in posts the better chance you have of taking home one of our awesome prizes!

Extra Points for bringing friends for drop-ins or membership.

Transformation Challenge:

This Challenge is for participants wishing to work on body composition change or overall fat loss.

The challenge is tracked using body measurements. Participants get to choose which of our suggested areas they are comfortable tracking.

At the end of the challenge, we use a percentage of change calculation to determine weight loss and body composition change

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  • We have received confirmation from the local Covid Inspector as well as the Manitoba Fitness Council that we are allowed to remove our masks while exercising. We ask that you please keep your mask on while moving around the facility. Once you are at your destination and exercising you may remove it. This is good news in regards to masks and we hope it will help you to have a positive exercise experience.
  • We ask that you confirm your vaccination status with us before Friday, September 3 to avoid any disruption to your 24 hour access. To get us your Vaccination QR code you may take a screenshot of it and email it to Candice at or come in during our open hours to show us so we can make note on your membership account.

We continue to do everything that we can to follow the mandates put in place. It’s important to us to offer an honest establishment in our community. Some of these restrictions are very difficult to accept and enforce so we appreciate your patience and patronage through this difficult situation.

We are so excited to announce that as of Saturday, August 7 at 12:01am all restrictions for gyms have been lifted!!!!This means that as of Saturday:

– Masks will be optional. If you feel more comfortable continuing to wear a mask then we invite you to do so

– You are no longer required to stay 9 feet away from other members but we ask that keep a respectable distance from other members

– Capacity limit is lifted

– Marked off stations will be removed and superset restrictions will be lifted (please still remain respectful of other members working out and needing equipment)

-We will be working on reintroducing group fitness classes indoors- Give us a little bit of time but we will also be brining the kids room back very soon. This way parents without childcare can bring children with them to play in the kids room while they workout ( you are still responsible for watching your own child)

-Showers will be back available to use for members

Please bear with us until Saturday and continue to follow all current protocols until then. We can’t wait to start getting back to the way we are used to having our gym.

We are very excited to announce that we are Open as of June 26, 2021.
We continue to keep a clean, sanitary and safe environment for all of our patrons.
We Can’t wait to see you!
24 Hour access is available to all qualifying members.
We are still required to wear masks at all times. We must stay 9 feet apart while exercising and our capacity limit is 11.
Thank you